Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety


* Verify credentials for intended training and certification.


46 CFR 28.275   [Excerpt] Acceptance criteria for instructors and course curricula.

(a) A Fishing Vessel Safety Instructor shall submit a detailed course curriculum that relates directly to the contingencies listed in 28.270(a), or a letter certifying the use of the Personal Survival and Emergency Drills Course, a national standard curriculum, to the cognizant OCMI.

(b) Each OCMI will issue a letter of acceptance to all qualified individuals and will maintain a list of accepted instructors in his/her zone.

(c) Letters of acceptance shall be valid for a period of 5 years.

(d) Fishing Vessel Safety Instructors or the organization providing training shall issue documents to Fishing Vessel Drill Conductors upon successful completion of all required training.




Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA)

AMSEA offers USCG-approved, hands-on safety training for commercial fishermen and other mariners throughout Alaska and beyond. Train-the- trainer courses for persons interested in providing hands-on safety training are also offered. AMSEA courses include:

- 18-Hour Survival Equipment, Procedures and Onboard Drills course
- 10-Hour Onboard Drill Conductor course
- Customized Onboard Drill Conductor courses tailored to specific fisheries such as dive harvest fisheries and skiff-based fisheries
- Completely customized Cold Water Safety & Survival Training: hands-on cold-water and vessel safety courses designed to meet the specific needs of the
participants,  whether  commercial fishers, private business or government agency personnel, or others who work or boat in marine or freshwater environments
- Emergency Procedures for Recreational Boaters (EPRB) for charter vessel operators and non-commercial boaters who want more than a basic beginning safe boating course.
- Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) is AMSEA's premier, six- day train-the-trainer course
- STCW Train-the-Trainer Certificate, typically offered in conjunction with MSIT courses

AMSEA regularly offers courses throughout Alaska, and has provided training throughout the U.S. and beyond when requested.

Please call or visit our website for calendar of scheduled courses, further information, pricing, or to schedule.



NPFVOA Vessel Safety Program Courses


The NPFVOA Vessel Safety Program located in Seattle, WA offers USCG-approved hands-on safety training classes for mariners.  These courses include:


- Drill Instructor Workshop

- Onboard Safety Orientation (Satisfies Drill requirement)

- Safety Equipment & Survival Procedures

- STCW Basic Safety Training (5-Day)

- 4-Day Advanced Medical; STCW First Aid Provider

- Medical Emergencies at Sea (First Aid & CPR)

- 2-Day Basic Fire Fighting

- Fishing Vessel Stability & Damage Control

- OSHA Compliance Review

- Navigation: Collision Avoidance


Classes are scheduled monthly and by request. 

NPFVOA has taught courses from St. Paul, Alaska all along the West coast, Hawaii, and the East coast.

Please call or visit our website for further information, dates, pricing, or to schedule.


Contact: Brie Bagan








Fishing Partnership

Fishing Partnership Support Services

Support Services

Fishing Partnership Support Services is a nonprofit whose mission is to support the health and well-being of fishing families. In addition to other services, FPSS provides free safety and survival training to commercial fishermen in New England. Training includes a basic one day course for all fishermen and also a Drill Conductor course that meets the Federal requirements. For more information and a training schedule contact Ed Dennehy, Training Director, at 508-208-0880 or visit our web site at


ZEUS Management Ltd. Is a USCG Accepted course provider for FISHING VESSEL DRILL INSTRUCTOR






Phone: 619-952-4750

Marine Safety Training & Drill Conductor Classes

Clatsop Community College offers a full range of Marine Safety and drill conductor classes at their MERTS campus located in Astoria, Oregon.  They will also do classes in off campus locations as needed.  For further information , contact:

Toni Middleton at:

(503) 325-7962



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Emergency Drill Conductor Courses


USCG Emergency Drill Conductor Courses



Blaney Marine Safety

- Provides USCG approved Onboard Drills

- Provides Drill Conductor Certification

- Conducts CFV Dockside Safety Exams

- NAVTECH certified


Contact: Capt. David Blaney

P.O. Box 3285

Narragansett, RI  02882

Phone Number: 401-792-1538