13 Fishing Omen Black vs Green: Differences & Comparison

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13 fishing omen black vs green

Regarding fishing gear, the 13 Fishing Omen Black Spinning Rod and the Green Omen are two standout contenders. They are known for their exceptional performance and craftsmanship, which have caught the attention of anglers worldwide.

This fishing rod review will unravel the key distinctions and unique qualities of these two remarkable casting rods. It will help seasoned and novice anglers make informed decisions and enhance their fishing experiences to new heights.

You can also check out the table below to get an overview of their comparison:

Feature Omen Black Spinning Rod Green Omen Spinning Rod
Length 6’7” – 7’5” 6’8” – 7’9”
Action Fast to Extra Fast Moderately Fast to Fast
Power Medium Light to Medium Medium Light to Heavy
Line Rating 4lb – 14 lb 6 lb – 30 lb
Bait Rating 1/16 oz – ¾ oz 1/16 oz – 1 ¾ oz
Price $120 – $140 $110 – $135

Overview of the 13 Fishing Omen: Black vs. Green Omen

  • About the Omen Black


The Omen Black series is a leader among their products, setting the bar for modern fishing techniques. These rods feature 36-ton Toray blanks that are made in Japan with advanced technology.

This strugives them a remarkable mix of a lightweight design, durability, and increased sensitivity.

The use of full-cork 4A handles and diamond-coated Stainless Steel Guides strikes a perfect mix between high-quality craftsmanship and practical value.

  • About the Omen Green


Meanwhile, the 13 Fishing Omen Green series is making a lot of progress in the world of saltwater fishing. It was made to be very good at long-range casting while still being very accurate.

With a base of 30-ton PVG graphite and strong ALPS 316 guides, these rods are made to handle even the toughest saltwater conditions with constant strength and performance.

Difference of 13 Fishing Omen: Black vs. Green Omen


1. Durability

Both models showcase exceptional construction and premium materials, ensuring steadfast performance throughout fishing activities.

  1. The Black Omen series is crafted from Poly Vector Graphite technology, endowing it with remarkable strength and resilience, making it ideal for freshwater fishing.
  2. The Green Omen is made with 30 tons of PVG Graphite to enhance durability while preserving sensitivity.

2. Best Uses

The 13 Fishing Black Omen Series features specialized rods tailored for distinct fishing scenarios. There are multiple designs of this rod that work for kayak uses. There are 9 spinning models and 5 full-grip designs for users to choose from.

  • The Black Omen Spinning Rod is well-suited to smaller species and delicate presentations.
  • The Black Omen Casting Rod was designed for casting finesse techniques with quick hook sets.
  • The Omen Black Musky model combines strength and finesse to handle larger fish and heavier lures.

Switching to the Green Omen series, both the spinning and casting rods provide enhanced power and versatility. There are 12 spinning models of this fishing rod, available in various lengths, weights, and speeds.

  • The Green Omen Spinning Rods moderate-to-fast action allows accurate casts for finesse or power applications.
  • The Green Omen Casting Rod accommodates various techniques with precision.

3. Pros and Cons

13 Fishing Black Omen

  • Sensitivity: Black-omen fishing reels are designed to detect even the faintest movements or bites.
  • Lightweight: They offer a comfortable feel during extended fishing sessions, minimizing fatigue.
  • Various models: The Black Omen series offers versatility to cater to various fishing techniques and species.
  • Price: The use of premium materials contributes to the higher cost of this rod.
  • Durability: The Black Omen series is designed for freshwater fishing. Using it in saltwater and catching larger fish can hasten its regular wear and tear.

13 Fishing Green Omen

  • Price: It strikes a balance between performance and affordability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious anglers.
  • Sensitive: This rod provides sufficient sensitivity for most fishing scenarios, enabling anglers to effectively detect strikes.
  • Lightweight: The design is lightweight, offering anglers a comfortable experience during extended fishing trips.
  • Various models: Multiple models with different lengths and actions for individual fishing preferences and techniques.
  • Durability: The Green Omen series might not match the high-end component quality found in the Black Omen. While this doesn’t undermine their overall performance, it may impact their long-term durability and performance under more demanding fishing conditions.
  • Sensitivity: Its sensitivity might not be as refined as that of the Black Omen, which could affect its ability to detect more subtle bites or movements.

Which is Better?


When choosing between the 13 Fishing Omen Black and Green Omen fishing rods, there are several important considerations to take into account.

  1. Fishing technique: Each rod model is designed with certain fishing styles in mind, such as casting, flipping, jigging, or finesse fishing. Therefore, selecting the rod that aligns with your preferred technique will optimize your overall fishing experience.
  2. Rod action: The choice of rod action will depend on the type of fish you’re targeting and the lures you intend to use.
  3. Rod power: Rod power indicates the rod’s strength or lifting capacity, ranging from ultra-light to heavy. Selecting the appropriate power level ensures that your rod can handle the size of the fish you plan to catch and the weight of the lures or baits you’ll be using.
  4. Rod length: longer rods generally offer extended casting distances and better control, while shorter rods are more maneuverable and suitable for fishing in tight spaces.

Based on the given factors, you can choose between the Black Omen and Green Omen options. Select the one that has the specifications that you need.


When comparing the 13 Fishing Omen Black vs Green, it is evident that each has its own distinctive strengths.

The 13 Fishing Black Omen stands out for its exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness. Its construction and quality materials make it ideal for fine techniques and precise presentations.

On the other hand, the 13 Fishing Green Omen shines in its robustness and power. This rod suits anglers who prefer heavy-cover fishing and employ more aggressive techniques.

The Green Omen’s construction and strength allow for effortless handling of larger fish and provide the backbone to haul them out of dense vegetation or cover.

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